Over the years I have enjoyed painting, both canvas and wall murals, custom designing collectable boxes and playing with decorating our new home.  Eventually I found my way to Mosaics.  All I can wonder is “what took me so long ?”    I love the process of designing a piece, then watching as it comes to life before my very eyes… To me, each piece is as unique as the person who will be fortunate enough to possess it.

I am self taught and began by designing for myself, family and friends.  However during the past year I studied with Gina Hubler, who runs Miami Mosaic Academy in Miami, FL and with Isaiah Zagar, creator of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens. Both experiences reaffirmed by passion for Mosaics and my desire to stretch my limits as a mosaic artist.

As a result, I have begun to experiment with larger and more complicated pieces.

Custom work is more popular now than ever. Depending on the size and complexity of the piece I am usually able to deliver the completed piece within 2 weeks.

You are welcome to view the Gallery to see some examples of my work. 

If you have a desire to acquire a mosaic made personally for you, or wish to give one as a gift, please contact me.  Tell me a little about yourself, your personality, your decorating style, your preferred color pallet and I will design a unique piece of your very own.

Each piece is completely sealed.  All sides are either tiled or painted to match.  Backs are painted to match and bottoms will be covered with matching felt to protect furniture. 

Member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists

A section of my work with Isaiah Zagar and other students done at 24th & Poplar, Philadelphia, PA